Enrollment solutions

Internet-Based Systems

NBC offers multiple online enrollment options with a choice of self-service or call center enroller-assisted.  These systems integrate with the employer HRIS benefits administration system for easy data transfer to employers and insurance companies.

Onsite One-on-One Enrollment

NBC utilizes salaried enrollers who visit with employees personally at work to enroll core benefits during normal open enrollment or off-cycle after the core benefits enrollment.  Onsite enrollment is optimal method of enrolling since NBC plans are guaranteed issue and this method ensures maximum participation levels and minimizes adverse selection and discrimination.

Spreadsheet Census Enrollment

NBC can enroll participants into group voluntary benefits coverage with a census enrollment spreadsheet with no application nor signature required.  This is an effective way to offer alternative coverage with enhanced benefits (for employers suffering from administrative problems) when coverage needs to be installed with no enrollment process necessary.

Multiple Enrollment Options

NBC provides multiple enrollment options to meet the needs of our clients.  Our goal is to make the  enrollment process stress-free for the broker, employer, employees and family members.  Each of our enrollment options seamlessly integrates the necessary data, reporting, and tracking that employers and insurance companies require for implementation of the coverage we install.    

Transit Industry Solutions

Transit Union Locals & Employers

NBC has a 15-year history of working with transit industry union locals, members and employers throughout the U.S.  We work daily with the two largest transit providers of public transportation contracting and management services in the nation representing over 50,000 total members.   

Value-Added Client Services

NBC provides daily member policyholder services including policy information, changes and claims processing.  These proactive services help to expedite service requests and claims processing time.  NBC also provides ongoing billing reconciliation services so that all bills are accurate and paid to the insurance companies in a timely manner.      

Customized Benefit Choices

Because of NBC's extensive history of working with transit industry employees, we offer guaranteed issue disability and life insurance plans that are normally unattainable for the transit industry.  Our coverage can be enrolled off-cycle separate from other core benefits to ensure maximum participation levels and to avoid disruption of current benefits.  Online or onsite enrollment services available.  Supplemental insurance master policies can be set-up through the employer or the union local. Premiums can be payroll-deducted or set-up on a deposit funding, ACH or Debit Card to match the payroll system.